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Our Company Values

We’re on a mission to re-invent the travel guidebook and with that mission comes a responsibility to re-invent how the travel industry operates.

It’s important to us to have a set of company values that will allow us to live and breath what we so fiercly believe, that travel is for everyone. 

Below you’ll find these values. If at any point you don’t think we’re living up to these values, we invite you to call us out. We can’t promise we’ll always get it right, but we can promise that we’ll always listen and learn. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Travel is a very white space. We acknowledge that it takes a considerable amount of privilege to travel freely and while travel can be a great conduit for learning, it can also act as a system that cements existing inequalities. It’s our commitment to do whatever we can to address this and ensure that our space within the travel industry is a safe one for all people, regardless of their race and cultural heritage. This means ensuring that we work with and feature a wide range of content creators and contributors when creating our tours, as well as sharing travel photos, stories and artworks from non-white voices on our social media and as part of our brand imagery by default.


Travel is a contributor to the climate crisis and we must do whatever we can to offset this. Wherever we can, we’ll promote sustainable travel options like walking, cycling and the use of public transport, as well as supporting sustainable businesses. However, we know this isn’t enough and we’re committed to doing more. We’re dedicating ourselves to finding ways to be more sustainable as a company moving forward while also encouraging our customers to do so too.

Content Creators

Creating content takes hard work and expertise. It’s our responsibility to support contributors by ensuring they're fairly compensated for their work, cultivating a calm and respectful working environment, and crediting them for their work on our platform.

Body Inclusion

All bodies are good bodies. Imagery in the travel industry is notoriously geared towards those who are slim, able-bodied, and conform with traditional standards of western beauty. We do not support this. We know that travel should be for everybody and we’ve made a commitment to promote travel for all bodies and all abilities. We will do this by working with a variety of content creators who represent different body types and disabilities to ensure our tour options are diverse and accessible.

Honesty & Sweat

We are a team of travellers. We live and breathe it and because of this, we’re here to fly the flag for travel honesty. We know that travel is far less glamorous and a lot sweatier than Instagram would have you believe. And whilst we love a dramatic drone shot as much as the rest of you, we know it’s important to keep it real. That’s why we are committed to honesty (and sweat), we’ll always be transparent about travel, and how we operate as a company.

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